Bone Loss For Women

Bone loss for women become brittle and break

Promote and Support the Maintenance and Repair of Bone Matrix
Dr. J. Mercola

Our bones are made up of minerals in a collagen matrix that give the bones rigidity and density, but it's the collagen that give bones flexibility. Bone loss for women become brittle and break easily without good flexibility. So bone strength is more than just bone density, which is why drugs such as biphosphonates have failed so miserably. Drugs like Fosamax build up a lot of minerals and make the bone look very dense on an x-ray called a DEXA scan, which specifically measures bone density, or the degree of mineralization of our bones. But in reality, they are extremely brittle and prone to fracture, which is why there have been so many cases of hip fracture among people taking such damaging drugs.

We are referring to the strength and health determining factor for bone when we talk about bone matrix. Bone loss for women and for most people, sometimes during their thirties, find bone mass starting to gradually decline. There are steps one can take to slow or even stop this from occurring. The bone loss for women speeds up significantly during the first ten years after menopause, which is the period when osteoporosis often develops. Many females are under the mistaken impression that a prescription drug combined with megadose calcium supplements is the answer to strong and healthy bones.

Biphosphonate drugs are poisons that destroy osteoclasts, which interferes with our normal bone-remodeling process. And this is why we need a combination of plant-derived minerals for strong bones because our bones are actually composed of at least a dozen minerals. We will likely weaken our bones and increase our risk of osteoporosis if we just focus on calcium as Dr. Robert Thompson explains in his book called "The Calcium Lie." And this is why it's more likely our body can use calcium correctly if it's plant-derived calcium.

It's also interesting to note that high amounts of fish and dairy along with other animal proteins deplete calcium from the body. This is true because high acid in protein foods withdraws calcium from bones to balance the pH in the blood. Acid forming foods also creates excess uric acid, which builds up in muscles and organs that cause pain and congestion while leaving calcium deficient bones.

Research Studies Performed by the Richardson
Center for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals
University of Manitoba, Canada

I wish I would have understood when I was younger that it's not just the junk food that is killing us, but the lack of the good food that we are not getting as a result of eating the bad food. Dr. Celie became convinced by research that supplementation is necessary for health and long life, and specifically the 90 essential nutrients that includes, most importantly, the 60 essential minerals.

Dr. Ma Lan and Dr. Wallach have researched and reported on areas in the world where people live to their 120's and up. The people in these places of the world work up into their 90's and sometimes into their 100's and are considered healthy. The people in such an area, just by nature, get their 90 essential nutrients daily and have a gluten free diet whereby they eat no fried or processed foods. They eat mineral rich plants along with having their food irrigated by mineral rich glacier water. Their grain is only gluten free "quinoa" that grows with no barley, rye, oats, or wheat.

A long healthy life is the norm in some of these areas of the world because these folks have been rid of the "Bad Foods" which is the key to a long and healthy life. Medical researchers confirm that we have folks in their 100's who get their essential nutrients naturally that could be compared with folks in their 50's who do not get their 90 essential nutrients that includes, most importantly, the daily 60 essential minerals. Many believe this is why men in their 90's are known to father children and women in their 80's look no older than women in their 40's who do not get their 90 essential nutrients that includes, most importantly, the daily 60 essential minerals.

A global direct marketer of nutritional products announced the results of research studies performed at the prestigious Richardson Center for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals at the University of Manitoba. This is one of the most advanced bioprocessing and product research and development facilities in the world that focuses on the research, discovery, and development of innovative functional foods and nutraceuticals. The research team evaluated the safety and health benefits of what I am calling "the ultimate multi-vitamin mineral complex."

The study was overseen by Dr. Peter Jones, one of the world’s foremost researchers in dietary and nutraceutical determinants in the control of fat, energy metabolism, and various other critical health issues. Additionally, the study was conducted by Dr. Ramprasath Vanu Ramkumar, Adjunct Professor and Research Associate for the Department of Human Nutritional Sciences at the University of Manitoba. It was believed when initially developing the study that it was critical to investigate the important areas where the products could be of benefit and demonstrate a high level of safety.

Various levels of organ functions and metabolism concerning safety of "the ultimate multi-vitamin mineral complex" were tested. The biochemical indicators and measurement showed normal functioning and metabolism of the liver, kidneys, and heart after supplementation with no adverse reactions to these organs. Significant reductions in plasma concentrations of Alkaline Phosphatase, ALKP, an enzyme that promotes breakdown of bone were observed along with increases in concentrations of the bone building minerals, calcium and phosphorus.

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