Benefit Of Red Wine

We probably should be getting more of a benefit of red wine from fruits and berries that are organic and harvested from the wild. It's the benefit of resveratrol without the alcohol that I am mostly concerned with. Why? Because grape skins and red wine contain a phenolic and phytoalexin compound produced by plants in response to environmental stressors.

There have been many studies that suggest the benefit of red wine apparently help to block cellular events linked to tumor initiation, and scientists have proven that it works by reducing NF kappaB, and thereby stopping the breast-cancer activity. There is plenty of science to show that it's a potent anti-breast cancer and highly protective nutrient. Several studies have shown that resveratrol increases levels of an enzyme oxygenase that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that may protect against neuronal cell dysfunction. Could it also be true that resveratrol that is found in red wine has potent antioxidant activity to the end that preliminary research has demonstrated cardiovascular benefits and possible anticancer properties?

Nearly 100 scientific studies have attributed other cancer-fighting effects to the benefit of red wine. Scientists at the Chungang University in Seoul, Korea found that it deactivates some forms of the liver enzyme and this enzyme is necessary to transform many chemicals into a carcinogenic form. Their research was confirmed by the United States National Cancer Institute and the Samuel Lunenfield Research Institute in Toronto, which further learned that resveratrol stops the liver from processing chemicals such as deadly dioxin into a carcinogenic form.

The Japanese have concentrated this grape compound into a drug and in tests have found it hinders blood platelet clumping that leads to blood clots and reduces fatty deposits in animal livers. Resveratrol has been found by Harvard Medical School researchers to activate a longevity gene in yeast that extends life by 70 percent. I believe that not only can this grape compound provide greater protection against DNA damage than vitamins C, E, or beta-carotene, but that it also can restored glutathione levels, which is the bodies most powerful essential antioxidant.

Today most of our conventional medicine offers very little hope for either individual health or the health of the population at large. Its greatest achievement was the invention of antibiotics to battle infectious disease and it often seems that conventional medicine hasn't achieved any meaningful progress since. In fact, the system is stuck in the genetic theory of medicine, believing that every disease or condition including degenerative disease is inherited (and that our actions have no affect) and can only be treated with a synthetic chemical. This is why we end up with drugs to treat sugar diabetes when sugar diabetes is quite clearly not caused by a pharmaceutical deficiency.

There is very little meaningful effort in medicine today to actually prevent disease or teach holistic nutrition and proper eating to patients or to promote non-patentable things that help people heal. Most drugs actually cause damage to patients either through liver damage, kidney damage, weight gain or interference with normal physiological function. We should spend a lot more of our time taking responsibility for our own health under a naturopathic system of medicine. We should not spend our whole lives under a pharmacological system of medicine where we play the victim role and go along with the false beliefs implanted in our brain by television commercials.

I believe there are many times we can cure ourselves from not only the benefit from red wine, but from all kinds of holistic thinking to fight disease under naturopathic medicine, but only if we embrace the simple truth that medicines along with substances or practitioners won't or can't always do the curing for us. Taking responsibility for our health means empowering ourselves with the state of belief and actions necessary to prevent and initiate healing. The body already knows how to heal itself of even scary-sounding diseases like cancer. All we have to do is give our body the right nutrients, environment, movement, removal of and avoidance of toxins, and from these circumstances the body naturally gravitates toward a state of balanced health.

This starts to make a little bit of sense when we start to realize why Jesus Christ referred to himself as "the bread of life." Food must be eaten, digested, and assimilated to become part of our life that will give strength to our physical bodies. It is written that man shall not live by bread alone. Part of the reason this was written is because the Word of God is food for our spiritual life, and it operates along the same principle as our physical body that needs bread to sustain growth. The nourishment from food is a substance that does not come from within ourselves, but from without, because like the natural realm, the spiritual realm also needs a point of contact outside of the individual. We cannot live on our own feelings, experiences, or upon the sweetest words that come from within, which may excite, warm, or interest us, but cannot support, feed, or sustain our true spiritual growth.

In the new covenant, we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ, who entered into heaven itself to appear in the holy of holies, the sacred chamber of the heart of God's glorious presence for us. Jesus Christ is the promised seed and faithful High Priest, who fulfilled all the law, and is set between God and us because he is connected to both sides, and thereby he is able to work with God and with us. My mind boggles over God's heart of love, His compassion, and the tenderness to have Jesus Christ, who is the greatest food of all time, the bread of life, to establish a true and vital spiritual relationship between God and us.

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