How To Quit Smoking

I consider myself an expert in knowing how to quit smoking because I quit the tobacco habit so many times I really cannot remember how many times I did. I have some memory of quitting for a period of anywhere from six months to three years. Therefore, I consider myself experienced in knowing how to also go back to this habit. And like all habits, we need to deal with it in the subconscious mind, because that is where we have trained our mind to smoke.

So let's start at the beginning which is where we did when we trained our brain to light up. And by the way, I do not need to start in the morning because we taught ourselves to smoke before and after everything that we do, and during anything that we do whenever possible. But since we have to start someplace... let's start with the morning. Do you think about cigarettes the first thing in the morning when you wash your face? Probably not because you did not train your mind to think about tobacco when you wash up in the morning. You need to start thinking about where you have created the smoking habits that you have made your own.

How about at the breakfast table after the meal and now it's coffee time? Do you light up? How long have you been reaching for a cigarette with the coffee? Thus, whenever you have coffee... what comes to your mind? You taught your subconscious mind to think about cigarettes every time you have coffee in the morning. So then what do you think about every time you have coffee in the morning? You have created this form of association.

I would light up each and every morning when I walked outside. I would also reach for one each and every time that I got in my car as I was rolling the car window down. So what do you think I would think about every time I walked outside to get in my car? Yep you guessed it. Twice my subconscious mind would have had to think it's time for a cigarette, because that is what I would do each and every time I walked outside, and that is what I would also do each and every time that I would get in my car.

So to quit I had to learn how to walk outside without reaching for the cigarettes. And yes, I had to learn how to get in my car without having my subconscious brain think about tobacco. Because for years I had trained my brain cells (by association) to think about cigarettes when I walked outside, and also whenever I started off to drive a car. If you can control this habit which you brought into every area of your life. Before and after you do anything, and during as much as possible. If you can do this for three days... then the nicotine will be out of your body. The rest is in your thinking patterns in the form of how you associate everything that you do with cigarettes.

To learn this on my own I kept lighting up... but not with a beer. After a few weeks I created a new habit in my subconscious mind. I taught my brain how to have a beer without thinking about reaching for the cigarettes. Was I still smoking? You bet your life I was. But not when I was with a beer. Oh by the way, one of the big reasons why the coffee and beer are so much fun with tobacco is because the beverage is easing what you are doing to the throat.

Most if not all smokers taught themselves to think about cigarettes each and every time they finish eating a meal. So once again, what do you think smokers think about after each and every meal? You will not be able to fix lunch this way unless you do all of the meals the same way... because the brain cannot tell the difference between one meal or the other. So you will need to train your brain to not think about cigarettes after eating a meal the same way that you trained your brain to think about having a cigarette after the meal.

Quitting the cigarette habit is all done the same way that you trained your mind to think about cigarettes in the first place. Because it all deals with what happens in the subconscious mind by way of associations. By not having a cigarette after you finish eating is how to train the subconscious mind to not think about cigarettes after you have had a meal. It's the same way that you taught yourself to think about cigarettes after the meal. I mastered this technique when I started going to a place I would otherwise never go to again. It was at such a place that I would have all of my cigarettes so I could train my brain to not think about tobacco the same way I trained my mind to think about tobacco.

In doing so I associated smoking with going to a place that I would never go to again until I was free from cigarettes. By sheer default my subconscious mind created the habits of doing everything else without thinking about reaching for the cigarettes. Thus, tobacco was no longer calling me. Cool ha? Now how did I get to be an expert on this? Because I trained myself how to go back the same way I trained myself to stop. And I still cannot remember how many times I have done this back and forth.

I started smoking at nine and last stopped at forty-seven and have now been clean of tobacco for many years. I put a paper together on habits which I will include here with this link.

The Habit Of Eating

Oh and one more thing. If you say that you smoke because you like it. Please feel free to read this paper again.

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