We are slowing the aging process

We need to enhance our ability to fight off acidic toxins, disease, pre-cancerous cells and the aging process itself. Our body's master antioxidant has been shown to slow down the aging process, detoxify and improve liver function, strengthen the immune system, and reduce the chances of developing cancer. It also works to help improve mental functions, increase energy, improve concentration, permit increased exercise, and improve heart and lung function. Our body's master antioxidant is a major defense system against illness and aging, and I believe every cell in the human body can benefit from the increased levels of this very important antioxidant.

We are continually inhaling and ingesting natural and synthetic acidic toxins whether we know it or not and they are unavoidable in these modern times both in our polluted cities and our poorly engineered food supplies. Modern research has shown that individuals who have low levels of what we call our body's master antioxidant are susceptible to chronic illness. Why? Because studies show that low levels lead to poor lymphatic and liver function that cause more and more acidic toxins to circulate through the body resulting in damage to individual cells and organs.

This essential component that I recommend for everyone is what I believe is needed to help fight cellular inflammation/oxidation response in order to help keep our cells healthy and thereby to effectively retard the aging process. This is not the latest fad or just one more take on antioxidants. This is a real tried and effective way to manage the aging process at its source, and we know it works because we've tested the levels in test subjects before and after. As a matter of fact, this inflammation response is the very core of the aging process. Inflammation causes cells to function poorly, and ultimately these inefficient cells die, which help to cause body systems to deteriorate and health challenges result.

I feel better... I feel different... I think different... and I sleep better.

Since I found out every living tissue in the human body is rusting with age, which simply means the cells are being oxidized is when I became interested in finding a way to help slow up some of this un-necessary aging process. Oxidized cells need Antioxidants. The way I am doing this is by helping my body to provide nutrients needed to promote, manufacture, absorb, and recycle my body's master antioxidant. I am doing this with a product that helps my body's master antioxidant keep every cell clean, healthy, and strong. This is a fantastic way to help every cell in our body to defend against infections, illness, and the diseases of aging.

I can also tell you I feel a great feeling of energy. It's not like the kind of a high we get from caffeine products or those energy drinks where we crash a couple of hours later. This is more like a real natural energy that is enjoyed all day, and I now also enjoy better sleep than I have had in 20 years. With the extra energy I feel and the incredible improvement of sleeping is why I feel that my time clock has been rolled back over 10 years.

I also started noticing my mental alertness to be much better and I don't know how to explain it. Sometimes I feel like a machine that is just on and many times I don't recognize myself when I am speaking to others. Right there and then when I am talking to someone is when I become very aware that I don't recognize the person (me) who is speaking. By that I mean I can hear myself talking, but I am very aware that it's not my personality. Others taking this stuff longer than me have noticed so many other great improvements in their health from back pain starting to ease to better eye sight and improved skin conditions.

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