Stephen full of faith and power

Stephen was written for those who have wondered how a guy like Stephen was able to get to the place in his life where it could be said of him that he was full of faith and power. Acts 6:8, declares "Stephen, full of faith and power, did great wonders and miracles among the people." The apex of all Christian living is walking with God, who is the creator and sustainer of life, the all-powerful, all-loving, ever-present force... in a way that will produce power from on high in our lives.

To be able to plug into the communication line with Jesus Christ, living in sync with life as God intended, is our greatest creative adventure. Yes it's true we will have a spiritual body that Christ gives at his return that will be like his resurrected body... unlimited in scope and activity. Talk about the limitlessness of life! It's almost breathtaking as we look at the limitless possibilities of that new life. What a fantastic, thrilling, and exciting life this will be.

The spiritual body is a body belonging to the spiritual realm that will be influenced by or proceeding from what is spiritual. How glorious and awesome that is! How magnificent and unlimited in scope and activity that new body will be. We shall be LIKE HIM with a body that will be spirit eternal, vivacious, and remarkable. Just think how incredible our physical senses will be at that time, unaffected by a contaminated bloodstream, and completely laced with and based upon a life-quickening spirit.

The most valued treasure of God is found in "earthen vessels" meaning our physical bodies. Our calling is that of Ephesians, the one body, God's habitation, the purpose of the ages, as we walk in the reservoir of Christ in us... we walk "in his stead" as an ambassador for Jesus Christ. We have this fantastic treasure of the excellency of His power in our physical bodies. Isn't that beautiful?

I believe I can show you God will absolutely bring to pass the signs, miracles, and wonders in the lives of Christians today. This is so astonishing, so remarkable, and so marvelous to understand the overwhelming desire welling up from the very heart of Christ within. I can show you how to tap the reservoir of this supernatural love, which is the capacity to love with His love, and touch people with the touch of the Master's hand.

"I read your book in one sitting and it was awesome. Really, it was awesome."
Ron - Rochester, NY

"I found the principles to be biblically accurate and solid. I felt you expounded in a simple easy-to-read format that most readers will find enjoyable as well as thought provoking."
Gary - Marietta, GA

"I'm enjoying your book, finding it interesting and learning from it too. I'm surprised at not only your wit, but how well it's worded."
Bill - Brookings, SD

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